About Parkside Motor Group

Here at Parkside Motor Group, we believe in building connections with our customers and assisting them to buy and sell cars with enthusiasm, courage, and in a friendly manner. This straight-forward and easy approach to buying and selling has led us to become today one of the leading car dealers for used and new cars in the UK.

We started this journey back in 1966 with the name of Parkside Motor Group and now we are known for our serviceability, guarantee of deliverance, and positive customer reviews about our dealership. Now, we are a well-known name: Parkside Motor Group - where you can have what you are craving for, with the guarantee of quality-oriented rechecks by Certified Professionals.

Parkside Motor Group offers dealership services to sell your cars as well by listing them with our used car stock inventory. We value your car according to its market worth, check its origin and condition, as well as perform necessary rechecks to make it ready for the new owner. We can also assist in car leasing, provide solutions for car financing and car insurance.

Our SMART search and SMART serve mechanism will make it easy for you to find the vehicle of your interest. We also offer different payment scenarios matching your monthly budget.

Parkside Motor Group receives positive reviews from dealers as well as from buyers so you can build trust in what we are offering.

We offer MOT Tests to assess your vehicle’s safety, its roadworthiness and emissions.

Parkside Motor Group offers extended warranty features for your vehicle’s parts and performance, making it a trustworthy partner while cruising along the roads.

Parkside Motor Group is working collaboratively with dealers and industry experts to get you the advice you need before, during, and after you make a purchase. You can reach out to us for any type of consultation, assistance, and guidance. We would love to share our experiences, vast inventory, guidance, and customer-oriented solutions. Let us build a wave of trust and enthusiasm for each other by sharing views, ideas, experiences, and expert advice.

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